EXCLUSIVE: PlayStation 5’s Alleged Price Leaked after Our Conversation with a Gaming Company

Not confirmed by Sony yet 🙃

Who’s ready to spend two thousand dollars on video games for x-mas? This weekend, we officially received an invite to partake in e3 festivities, from a third-party developer. In a conversation, with that anonymous person, from a completely different company; some eye-raising information was brought to our attention.

In recent weeks, we’ve been covering the entire PlayStation 5 saga, and why Sony is being super quiet about the console’s release and roll-out. To the point, that some of our friends on other major gaming sites are even receiving the same intel; but don’t want to ruin business relationships.

The leak is, that the PlayStation 5 will run retail for $500 bucks later this year. Due to manufacturing issues and new technology, Sony is having an extremely hard time on bringing the console down lower than $500. Since the company isn’t releasing a disc-less console, like Microsoft; this could hurt them with consumers for the holiday season.

At the moment, Microsoft still has plans of releasing two versions of their new next-gen console, Xbox Series X. Xbox Scarlett (Anaconda) is the premium model, which will be priced at $499, same as the standard PS5.

Their cheaper, disc-free, lower spec model, the Xbox Lockhart is rumored to be priced around $399. Sony’s goal was to have the cheapest console on the market, or at least match the Lockhart mode. However, that seems impossible at this point.

In the past, Microsoft had launch problems with the Xbox One, which ran at the same price as the current PS4. Sony previously had issues of their own dating all the way back in 2006, for the PlayStation 3’s outrageous price of $600.

In comparison to Microsoft, who has a killer-app title for their launch (see: Halo Infinite) and rumored prices in play; our heads are officially scratching this weekend. After losing exclusivity for MLB: The Show last fall and Xbox Series X gaining huge support from third parties; we still expect Sony to unveil a slew of major first party titles (some with Marvel).

Due to Microsoft’s and Sony’s new gaming partnership for cloud gaming, as well as first-party titles possibly becoming obsolete down the line (Yes, Halo will be on the PS5 at some point); this is predicted to be the last time we’ll see home consoles battling it out.

Let us know in the comments if possible, prices don’t affect your decision.

Rumored Next-Gen Console Prices:

🔴 PlayStation 5: $499

🔴 Xbox Series X Premium (Anaconda): $499

🔴 Xbox Series X Low-End (Lockhart): $399 (doesn’t include disc drive and performance is lower)

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