Sony Is Ramping Up PlayStation 5 Consoles to Retailers after CES 2021, As Resellers Rethink Plans

Walk in pick up by March. . .

Since the release of both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, many have had a hard time of getting the systems. While the Xbox has been easier to get, the PS5 has been arguably the most difficult console to get ever. However, this week, it’s been brought to our attention that Sony is planning a major restock for the PS5 in the coming days.

Target and Best Buy will be receiving the most systems of any retailer, if you decide to wait another few weeks. However, online stores like Amazon won’t have them for two-day shipping until the summer. At the moment, the easiest way to get systems has been Facebook Marketplace, which is what some of our friends did.

With resellers thinking they’re going to buy up everything and score another bag, Sony is purposely planning to flood out stores to stop this. By March, you’ll be able to walk in stores and pick up both the digital and deluxe version of the PS5.

Microsoft hasn’t given an update on what they’re doing to combat scalpers; but Sony is already planning to continue their momentum. With Hitman 3 serving as the first next-gen major release of the year, this is big news for people wanting to play titles before AAA-games arrive next fall.

So, the restock is hitting stores all February to bulk stock for the rest of the year. If you’re a scalper, sell those consoles now before retailers are filled with the systems.

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