PlayStation 5 First Console Specs Leak Gives Indication on How Much it Will Cost

Coming holiday 2020. . .

This week, an insider has leaked some first PlayStation 5 specifications, revealing some eye-raising information. Komachi, who has a track record of being correct with certain information, revealed some intel that he came across for the PS5 (Gen 2).

The system is set to have an insane clock frequency (rate/speed) of 2GHz; which the PS4 Pro was able to push out 0.911GHz and the standard PS4 only at 0.800GHz. Unfortunately, the PS5 will use the same memory as a regular PS4 at 8GB GDDR5; but it’ll have a higher bandwidth revealed at a later date.

As far as power, this leak confirms that the PlayStation 5 will be twice as powerful than the Xbox One X; but Microsoft has already come out said that their Scarlett console will be four times as powerful as their X.

This has already led to insiders beginning to speculate that the console will be upwards of $500 USD, with a max price of $600 if they decide to do any last second additional upgrades.

Take a look at the breakdown below and look for Sony to reveal the system’s official holiday 2020 release date next year.

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