Why People Who Don’t Have a PS5 Yet Should be Concerned over New Models

PlayStation 5 Updated Version August 2021 Heat Issues

Find one now before the start of fall. . .

PlayStation 5 updated version August 2021 heat issues explained, as Sony is desperate with getting consoles out to the public. Before we say anything, the only retailers we’ve had success with purchasing a PlayStation, has been through BestBuy and GameStop. Target and Wal-Mart have been questionable, as we’ve personally had orders delayed and cancelled by both retailers.

This week, YouTuber, Austin Evans, confirmed that a new PS5 model was already appearing in Australia, Japan and some parts of America earlier this month. In the reveal, it was confirmed that the revised console has a different cooling fan; with larger blades and has new heatsink.

The PS5 now has less copper, which is preferred for heat sinks; as the console rear exhaust heat temperature has increased around 3 to 5 degrees.

Now, why is this so important? Because the original models are the way Sony wanted to have the systems presented to the public. However, due to shortages and people crying for consoles at any cost, this is going to make the systems lifespan worse.

Initially, some have been concerned about the long-term effects of the change in the cooling solution, which we won’t see results after a few years of usage.

This newer version is a slightly worse model of the PS5, as Sony has drastically cut production cost from the initial $499 version of the system, they’ve been losing money on.

So far, only the digital edition of the PS5 has been opened, as we’re expecting the disc-version to see a review on YouTube in the coming days. We never know with Sony’s history of cooling issues, but we’re assuming they’re smart enough now to not fuck over the consumer.

If you haven’t purchased a PS5 yet, make sure you do it soon before the revised models completely replace the OG models in a matter of weeks.

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