The 10 Games of Fall 2021 We’re Playing on PS5 & Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X Fall 2021 Best Games

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PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X fall 2021 best games has us examining some of the AAA titles that will be releasing in the coming weeks. With the fourth quarter just a few days away, the biggest titles of the year are finally releasing before the start of the holiday season.

With Xbox Series X swinging for the fences this year with key Killer App’s hitting their console, PS5 is already looking to 2022 where some are touting it as the biggest year ever in gaming.

Nintendo has a new shiny console many will be getting in a few days, to play upcoming titles like Metroid Dread, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania and Mario Party Superstars.

However, the likes Microsoft, EA Games, Ubisoft, and Square Enix headline some of our most anticipated games for the year.

Hit the next page to see what’s on our radar of the best games to play during the fall of 2021.

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