Next-Gen Tips: How We’re Saving Money on Games after Buying Both PS5 & Xbox Series X

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In just 9 days, the world will finally be getting next-generation gaming in 8K, 120fps. Considering the last jump wasn’t that significant, the technology over the last 7 years has improved drastically. We’ll be seeing immediate improvements on both Madden 21 and NBA 2K21.

However, while both companies don’t plan to abandon the current-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems, we’ve been plotting plans and offer you tips on ideas to save money. If you’re only buying one console, it would be cheaper to buy both.

While both systems are going to be $500, if you’re going the 8K route; games are going to be $70 bucks a pop. Below, you can take a look at what we’ll be doing to save money this year and beyond.

Have a trustworthy friend to game share with.
During the entire PS4 and Xbox One run, we had a close friend to game share with on both consoles. While this has been going on since the days of PlayStation 3 to log into someone’s account and download their game on your system, it’s now imperative to find somebody you trust. Sharing games across platforms, saved us even more than having to use PC steam sales. So, this is big, especially when holiday sales come up. You can always get double the games, versus having to sit out and wait a few months on a title you really want to play. We know people aren’t going to go months without playing Madden or 2K how we did in high school.

Use Xbox Game Pass for Every Title not on PS5
The biggest selling point of the Xbox Series X, will be in the inclusion of Game Pass Ultimate. The $15 a month services, includes Xbox Live and Game Pass, which is host to every first party Xbox Game, as well as the entire Bethesda collection of titles you’ll have to pay for on PlayStation 5. Game Pass was arguably the biggest innovation Microsoft created for the Xbox One, which saved people tons of money when they wanted to play Gears of War 5, Forza Horizon 4 and Halo 5. Yes, those franchises are always available to play day one on game pass. This has enabled Microsoft to make more backend money for the Xbox, as they don’t plan on keeping any future Bethesda title from the PS5; you’ll just have to pay full retail. With EA Access also being rumored to join Game Pass, the Xbox Series X will be used as our sports system.

Have PS5 for first-party and third-party titles not on game pass
Unlike last generation, where we felt the Xbox One was the superior console over PS4 (because it was), this upcoming console cycle is set to see minimal difference at initial glance. Due to this, and the PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller for the most innovative way of gaming, we’ll be buying virtually every game (that’s not on Game Pass or a sports title) from Sony store. Their new controller just changes everything, as well 3D audio with the PSVR headset we use non-stop. It gives us a theatrical experience, even when playing titles that aren’t in VR. So, even multiplatform games that look slightly better on Series X, they’ll all be running in the same framerate and resolution. Adding in the fact that Xbox wants you to use their game pass for streaming titles, verses having to spend money on every title, we’ll have more money to enjoy the PS5 library.

About that $70 a game price change
The price hike of games to $70 a pop, will be making people rethink how they move. This has made us careful plot out ways to just buy both consoles for $900 now and save money over time. If you’re a fanboy of either console and bad mouth another company because of personal preference, then you’re a dickhead. You don’t get money for sucking the dick (don’t forget the tip) of company that pays you nothing. So, it’s okay to not be a follower and make your own decisions. These are tips we’re using to get the most out of our time in quarantine this holiday and likely the duration of 2021 as well. So, the Series X will be used for sports games and game pass; while the PS5 will be used for our bulk purchasing. Hopefully this helps you out next week. We have both pre-ordered day-one and will be livestreaming on YouTube.

Do not forget to game share with one person on both consoles

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