PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X May 2021 Restock News

This week. . .

If you remember a few weeks ago, we explained to readers that retailers would not be having PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in stores. With the Xbox Series S in stores, there are no retailers that will be having either the PS5 or XSX in stock this year. Last week, Walmart and Best Buy had a rare restock, as people were able to get their hands on the limited list of consoles.

However, this upcoming week, between now and Thursday, Target and GameStop will have a restock for systems. From how they’re selling systems, normally has them up during daytime hours. Best Buy has late night sales, likely at 12am ET; while Amazon unfortunately has them up at 3am ET. GameStop has the drops during afternoon hours, anytime between 12pm Noon ET and 4pm ET.

Now, Target is the most successful and premier destination most people have been using to get consoles. Target normally has their sales up first thing in the morning, at 6:00am ET. This week, Target will be the best way to get a system, as we’d recommend you check their sites frequently. GameStop and possibly Amazon will likely have the systems up as well.

Good luck.

Ranked from BEST to WORST in success rate:

▪ Target
▪ GameStop
▪ Best Buy
▪ Amazon
▪ Walmart
▪ PS Direct

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