What the PlayStation & Netflix Gaming Deal Means

PlayStation, Netflix Gaming Deal

One of the most anticipated features some have been requesting, is the inclusion of video games on Netflix. This has been teased for years, as data miner Steve Moser, confirmed that Netflix is officially working on a gaming functionality codenamed, Shark. Last April, Netflix agreed to a multi-year licensing deal for exclusive rights to Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE).

This has allowed the existing deal with Sony Pictures to expand their division, beginning with the upcoming 2022 motion picture Uncharted. With Sony’s PlayStation Now service offering PS2, PS3 and PS4 games, Bloomberg confirmed that Netflix plans to add video games to its streaming platform.

So, what does this mean, will you be able to game officially through Netflix? Highly unlikely, because we’re expecting FMV games to make a heavy emergence on the platform. Ips in a decision-based game style will be the primary focus, playable with a remote.

This will not be like Google Stadia, which has had a failed launch thus far, dispute its insane innovations to the gaming culture. With former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive Mike Verdu appointed the new lead of gaming for Netflix; it’s expected that the new feature will offer downloadable games, rather than streaming.

One full-motion video (FMV) game that we had a lot of fun with, was the Late Shift. If you’ve never played it, take a look at some gameplay below for the decision-based setting.

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