EXCLUSIVE: The PS5 & Xbox Series X Shocking COVID-19 Launch Situation Breakdown

Just wait until 2021. . .

Last month, we reported that Microsoft and Sony were waiting until 2021 to release their respective next-generation consoles. While Microsoft has all but given us the price of their new Xbox Series X system, Sony is scared to reveal the price of the PlayStation 5.

Many are expecting a $499 pricing on initial launch, which will be $100 bucks more than the PlayStation 4’s launch. Due to system parts and tech, that’s why the system will be priced so high. Sony is hesitant to reveal its price right now, because of the entire COVID-19 pandemic. However, the biggest shocker is that both companies are only planning to launch around one million systems, which is far significant than both anticipated.

Back in 2013, Sony sold 2 million PS4’s in two weeks, so it’s going to be extremely rare to get your hands on a PS5 this year. Due to no factories being opened in China for both Microsoft and China to make their systems, peak demand will happen during the holidays. The plan is to have their second wave of consoles arrive by March of 2021, which is the original launch window they had planned.

However, both companies don’t want to miss out on holiday sales, which we’ll see one of the worst launches ever in the history of video gaming. This will enable re-sellers to possibly list both PS5 and Xbox One X consoles way above $1,000 for those desperate to buy. Since these are extremely dated consoles, we wouldn’t be shocked to see that number double the week of X-Mas.

Rumored Next-Gen Console Prices:

🔴 PlayStation 5: $499

🔴 Xbox Series X Premium (Anaconda): $499

🔴 Xbox Series X Low-End (Lockhart): $399 (doesn’t include disc drive and performance is lower)

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