PS5 Extended Hands-On Demos Finally Show Next-Gen Console in Action

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PS5 extended previews next-gen action, reveals first ever off-screen gameplay for the PS5 with two select gams. This weekend, Japanese media site, AV Watch, received their official PlayStation 5 consoles, and became the only publication allowed to show off-screen footage for the system.

Until now, we’ve never seen in-game and off-screen footage for the PS5, which has been kept under the wraps in North America and Europe. However, while gameplay was shown, Sony is still keeping the PS5’s UI from being shown to the masses for whatever reason.

The biggest difference was how quiet the system was, as well as players not being able to hear button clicks while using the console. While we’re not expecting to have the power of the Xbox Series S, the SSD on PS5 will be the biggest game changer for next-gen – along with 3D Audio.

The publication revealed that most games load in under 10 seconds, as you can peep media below.

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