PS5 is in Serious Trouble after Major Changes to Latest Xbox Series X/S Deal

Insane outcome for sony. . .

Last week, Microsoft shared shocking news, regarding the future of their latest acquisition, Bethesda. With the deal just being finalized days ago, Microsoft held an hour-long roundtable to discuss Bethesda joining their first-party brand. Initially, we and many others were expecting future Bethesda titles to release simultaneously on all-platforms.

However, Microsoft confirmed that titles will be releasing on Xbox Series X/S Game Pass, which is also available on mobile and PC. Now, with Sony reluctant to add the premium service on PlayStation 5, Microsoft is essentially pushing them into a corner. The plan with Xbox Series X/S, from how we’re looking at it, is to make Game Pass compete with Netflix and TV streaming services.

A Game Pass system on PlayStation 5 with titles like Gears of War 5 and Forza Horizon, would be more beneficial to Microsoft, than Sony even having the games available. They’ll make insane back-end money, with having their owned content streamed. This is the same module Apple Music and Spotify use with having their services on multiple platforms.

Microsoft will never win a popularity battle with Sony or Nintendo. So, buying up multiple studios and making them available free with a Game Pass subscription, is something not even the biggest PlayStation fan can pass up on. We’re being told that Bethesda was just the third-party company this decade they’re trying to incorporate them into first-party.

Nintendo seems on-board with the possibility of having Game Pass on the Switch, considering they’ve allowed Xbox Live sign-ins through their system.

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