‘Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City’ Demo is Capcom’s Most Ironic Quarantine Game Ever

Demo out now. . .

Following the jaw-dropping success of Resident Evil 2 Remake last year, Capcom is back with another trip down memory lane. As a re-release to their 1999 classic, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis title, the gaming world was treated to an official demo for Raccoon City.

However, playing the title, we quickly realize and remembered, that the title is based on an official quarantine of Raccoon City. This is almost an exact same replica of what’s going on with the real-life situation of COVID-19.

What makes this title special, is that we’ll probably never see anything like this again in our lifetime, granted we all survive the global pandemic. The demo is currently available on PC and gaming consoles at around 9GBs.

April 3rd is when the title comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Take a look at gameplay below, which we recommend a 4K HDR display to get the full experience.

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