Rockstar Games Brings ‘Grand Theft Auto 4’ to Xbox One


Head back to liberty city!

If you’ve grown tired with Grand Theft Auto V and need a breath of open-world fresh air, then Rockstar Games has brought one of its greatest games to the Xbox One.

Over the weekend, Microsoft has announced that Grand Theft Auto IV and all of its DLC is playable on their current-gen system. That’s right, The Complete Edition with its The Lost and the Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony episodes can be downloaded right now from the My Games section.

If you’ve never played GTA IV, then go download it right now off the marketplace for $20 bucks – however each DLC package will run you $10 each. Check below for more details from Rockstar.

Rockstar Games on PlayStation Neo & Xbox Scorpio Next-Gen 4K Consoles



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