Rockstar Games Makes 1st Major Mistake Trying to Get People to Forget About ‘GTA 6’

Red Dead Botch Part 2. . .

Last month, we broke the internet, with explaining why Grand Theft Auto 6 wasn’t released, just yet. Other major gaming sites, who aren’t allowed to talk about this; immediately tried to debunk us, in reporting speculation that the title wasn’t going to release until 2023-2024. Well, Rockstar Games debunked those articles of a fiscal year release in 2024.

This week, reports surfaced Take-Two Interactive is releasing one last game to distract the gaming world from Grand Theft Auto 6, with an unfortunate remake. After botching the roll-out for Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, Rockstar Games is looking to re-release an HDR remake for the original title.

Rockstar will use the same updated engine from RDR2 (seen on the PS4 and Xbox One X), for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption Remake. This is great news to us, because of the foul and sour taste they left in our mouths (No Lisa Ann) – regardless what the paid industry plants are told to tell you in reviews.

We’re not trying to go back to 2010 and relive something that happened a decade ago, which is the same sentiment for man. Considering it’s only one-cycle gen removed from the original title, it was already visually impressive at 1080p at the time. They’re targeting a 2021 release for PS5 and Xbox Series X systems, which will be a prelude to GTA 6.

The reason that we’re making this article, is because they feel the gaming world has forgotten about RDR2. That title alone was one of the top 5 most disappointing titles on any platform.

So, with low sales and high expectations, this will prompt them to immediately wrap up production for the game we’ve been waiting the last few years for.

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