EXCLUSIVE: Rockstar Games Planning Major ‘GTA 6’ Announcement Following Delays of PS5 & Xbox Series X

Last week, we broke news that PlayStation 5 and Xbox One were being delayed to 2021, due to production being stopped for the corona-virus. Well, with many gamers in disbelief, we had our e3 plans cancelled before the world became publicly informed of the event not going down.

Well, a few days ago, we were told some eye-raising information for a major video game release this fall. Apparently, Rockstar Games is planning to make a major announcement for Grand Theft Auto 6 in the coming weeks. The plan is for the title to arrive on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 this holiday, since we won’t be getting any new consoles.

The same situation happened last console cycle, when Grand Theft Auto V was released a few months before the current-gen consoles. That looks be the fate we’ll have later this year, when we get our first GTA title in over 7 years. Whenever Sony and Microsoft do release their next-gen systems, we expect GTA 6 to be available on both day-one.

The Xbox Series X is set to have Smart Delivery, which will give gamers free copies of upgraded versions of every title from the Xbox One. We expect Sony to announce a similar feature for digital consumers, when they unveil the console later this year.

Look for Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive to make the announcement soon.

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