CBS Makes Smart Decision with Halo Live-Action TV Series, New Photos Revealed

coming 2022!

Showtime, Halo live-action TV series March 2021 news, explained after a major decision done by CBS to properly promote the show. Dating back to 2013, Showtime first announced plans for a Halo TV series. The live-action show, was originally set to be produced by Steven Spielberg, but plans have changed.

Now, his production company, Amblin Television, will be partnered with Showtime for production. Parent company, CBS, is planning to launch their long-awaited Paramount+ digital app this Thursday and will be home for a slew of new digital content.

Instead of going the old school route with releasing shows on cable, the Paramount+ app is using Halo to headline their original series. This is the best look for the live-action show of the United Nations Space Command, where a fresh app will be used on virtually every social media platform and here for promotions.

It’s not to take away from Showtime, but the Halo audience is entirely different. At the moment, the show is slated to premiere in early 2022, after delays from COVID. Take a look at a photo and past pictures from the set below.

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