Sony Announces Release Date for Limited-Time PS4 ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Demo

Coming next week!

Since the PlayStation 4’s release in 2013, we’ve been waiting for a proper driving simulator experience on the PS4. Unfortunately, due to frame-rate issues of keeping a locked 60fps on the title, we’ve seen the title delayed two full years. However, Polyphony Digital is finally readying the Gran Turismo Sport release date in exactly two weeks of October 17th.

Beforehand, gamers will finally be able to test out the demo on October 9th, serving as a timed-exclusive four-day preview (preload available October 7th). In the demo, you’ll be able to battle online against similar skilled drivers, as well as play a campaign mode that offers transferrable money to the actual game itself. Kazunori Yamauchi of developer P.D. would not confirm whether or not the demo would feature the inclusion of PlayStation VR; but getting a chance to test it out in the privacy of our homes and 4K sets is enough for now. Take a look at the real-life comparison below.

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