Sony Announces Gaming Partnership with Nintendo & PC Platforms

Sony x Nintendo?

While PlayStation hit-games are likely never going to shift to other devices (at least for now), Sony Music Entertainment is planning to segue a major change in gaming. This week, Sony announced the launch of an official licensed Indie-gaming division called Unties. The company is set to release their first title, Tiny Metal, on Nintendo Switch and PC devices this November 21st.

The full-scale strategy simulation title is being developed by Area 35, which will be the first of many Sony Music titles to arrive on other platforms. Not to be confused with Sony Interactive Entertainment or the main PlayStation brand; the pending titles success on rival platforms should let them know whether to look into a bigger expansion of third party support.

If that happens, this will be a Trojan-horse to possibly persuade the main gaming entities to look into options of working with the hybrid-Nintendo device for non-indie releases; then the possibility of working with each other for cross-platform. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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