Sony Announces PlayStation 5 Reveal for Release Date, Pricing

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Last week, Microsoft’s hand was forced to reveal the official pricing and release date for their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X consoles. The systems are set to cost $499 and $299, which will both release on November 10th.

Shockingly, fans of Sony immediately began to complain about PlayStation 5’s release date and pricing not being revealed. It got to the point where the $299 price point, has some thinking about getting an Xbox first – given the extremities of the economical climate.

Well, this weekend, Sony confirmed that they’re having a digital showcase on September 16th to announce everything about the next-gen system. Sony went to explain how several developers will be giving us a very first-look at in-game footage for any new console.

To this point, we’ve only seen trailers, which has included slight graphical impressions to us and advanced PC gamers. The showcase is expected to feature Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is the biggest exclusive title on any console this holiday.

Many are praying to see some type of Madden 21 footage on next-gen, as well as surprise titles to release within the first three months of their fiscal year. Take a look at the showcase trailer below.

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