Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 Will Not Be Available at Retail Stores on Launch Day

If you thought you could camp out outside of Best Buy, Walmart or Target on November 12 to cop your PlayStation 5, you will be deeply saddened.

Sony confirmed today that PS5 will not be available at retail for in-store purchases.

Your best bet will be to order online the day of. Sony is discouraging anyone from going to your favorite store to buy in person and says no units will be available from November 12-19 (depending on your region). Either way, that’s a burnt mission.

It should be noted that this does not impact pre-order sales, so if you already made your purchase, you can still pick up your console at your store like normal.

While Sony is doing this because of the pandemic, it won’t be long before PS5 will show up at your favorite retailer. It’ll still be a scramble to cop, though. Your best bet is to keep all the tabs open on your computer for your chance to cop.

In related PlayStation 5 news, it has been reported that the SSD drive built-in to the console will not be particularly big, but there will be a dedicated internal slot that will be able to expand hard drive space later with a future update.

This will be crucial considering titles for PS5 will be that much bigger.

The new Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be over 90GB in file size. That’s a shit ton of space for a game, so if the SSD is already small, you won’t be able to store much and expanded storage may be the way to go.

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