Sony Delaying Two Major Games is First Sign PS5 Launch Hold Up is Happening

Spring 2021. . .

A few weeks ago, we broke news that an insider informed us that both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles would be delayed from their holiday 2020 releases. This was on the heels of our e3 invitations being cancelled for June, hours before the event formally made their announcement.

Well, this weekend, Sony made some shocking news to the gaming world; revealing two major games had been delayed indefinitely. The Last of Us Part II, was originally scheduled for a May 29th release date of next month, but has been shelved. Developers revealed that the title was essentially done; but the global corona crisis is preventing its launch.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR was also a major game set to release this year. However, fear of poor sales has shelved that title as well. With the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 situation putting the world in a stand-still; neither Sony or Microsoft has any consoles being made right now in China.

While Sony is coming to grips of the inevitable delay, Microsoft is in denial, because this was their chance to one-up competition with killer-app titles and the most powerful console.

We expect a spring 2021 roll-out for both systems, but this could be in favor for Sony, as they’ve had one of the more embarrassing roll-outs for a next-gen system we’ve seen, since PS3 and Nintendo Wii-U.

Look for more intel to emerge in the coming months.

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