Sony Introduces Compact Controller & Mini Gamepad Series for PS4

The HORI edition is likely a day-one purchase.

This holiday, Sony is launching their own officially licensed set of compact controllers and a unique mini gamepad. Some of you may remember the Nacon and Razer series last year, that was presented by the Japan-based company. Well, this year, one of our most anticipated devices to get our hands on not-named the Super NES Classic Edition for Super Nintendo, is finally released.

The Hori gamepad for PS4 takes a heavy resemblance for the SNES, which is being promoted for youth gamers. However, the retro audience will be rushing to get their hands on it, which is only missing touch-pad and trigger functionalities. While a release date is yet to be revealed, the Hori controller is set to cost $29.99 USD and will be 40% smaller than the current DualShock 4 model.

Below, you can get a closer look at the Hori, along with the @PLAY Wired and Nacon Wired compact controllers – which will likely also release in December. Let us know if you plan on copping.

HORI Wired Mini Gamepad

@PLAY Wired Compact Controller

Nacon Wired Compact Controller

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