Sony is Making Major Changes to the PS5 Controller

Didn’t work on PS4, but will this time. . .

With Sony still working out ways to figure out its high demand for the PlayStation 5 in quarantine, new eye-raising information has emerged. A few days ago, World Intellectual Property Organization revealed documents for a new controller add-on device with the PlayStation 5.

The customizable patent was filled all the way back in June 29th of 2020, which has been rumored to be in development for month. In early 2020, the PlayStation 4 received a back-button attachment, which helped with an introduction to professional gaming via console controller.

Essentially, it’s an alternative to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller, which cost upwards of $180. In comparison to Sony releasing a new innovative controller, the extra buttons will help vastly with online titles for competitive play. This goes against their original stance last September, citing that Sony had no plans of bringing back their back button.

We’re not expecting a price drop for the peripheral, which was released at $30 USD. While it had minimal use on the PS4, we’re assuming the previous experiment was a beta run for the upgrades they’re planning to use with the DS5. Peep the concept for PS5 and PS4 original beta below.

Read the patent HERE

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