Sony Gives Full Teardown for PlayStation 5 System, Revealing Key Features Not on Xbox Series X

few more weeks. . .

Sony PlayStation 5 teardown system video reveals the Japanese companies’ most transformative console to date with key features. With November a few weeks ago, Sony is gearing up for arguably their next major launch. Many are considering this their biggest to date, since cloud-gaming is officially on the cusp of taking over.

Since that’s happening with Google and Amazon, Sony decided to partner with Microsoft to officially end their war and focus on a bigger picture.

Today, the PS5 console is officially opened for the world to see, which reveals the much-talked about SSD storage expansion. The SSD expansion was first teased by 2K Sports over the summer, revealing that offline games will load in under two-seconds.

Dust catchers and its large double-sided intake fan, have many under the belief that this may be the only PS5 system you’ll need for the duration of its life cycle. We expect a slimmer model to eventually arrive by 2023, which could have some thinking about changing up from this extremely large piece of hardware.

Take a look at the PlayStation 5 teardown video below.

Up and close. . .


-120mm fan 45mm thick double-sided intake fan
-M.2 NVMe Bay shown off
-Liquid metal confirmed on PS5
-Massive heat sinks similiar PS3 heat pipes
-Vapour chamber in use
-2 Dust catchers can be vacuumed out
-350watt power supply shown

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