A First Look at SoundCloud on Xbox One

Four years later. . .

Since the inception of the Xbox One console in 2013, one of the major complaints has been in-game music. Microsoft launched the system with its first-party Groove Music app, but paying for another streaming service just to hear on Xbox wasn’t something of our liking. With the exception of having proper music to enjoy, the system has had a flawless selection of video content apps.

Ironically, we’ve had this issue with our PS4’s, but Sony made sure to include Spotify to their console. Just last week, the PS4 also got Sirius XM, taking more steps ahead of competition.

However, today, the Xbox One finally gets its long-awaited app for in-game music, with SoundCloud. Users will be able to use personal accounts, with playlists – as well as being able to skip tracks through Cortana voice command. Take a look at the brief video below, then head over to the Xbox Section of SoundCloud for instructions on how to download.

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