‘Street Fighter 6’ Gameplay Revealed, Confirmed to Release for Xbox Series X

Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Revealed


Street Fighter 6 gameplay revealed, as Capcom confirms the game will officially be released for Xbox Series X next year in 2023. Revealed in today’s State of Play, Street Fighter 6 hits the scene in 2023.

Experience a brand-new era of Street Fighter with stylish mechanics to express your creativity, vibrant characters, and new modes that will re-imagine the fighting game experience.

Street Fighter 6 is jam-packed with content and more ways to play for everyone – whether you’re new to the fighting game community or been a part of it since Street Fighter released in 1987.

Street Fighter 6 officially hits the scene in 2023 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC! With explosive style, a diverse roster of characters, and a new system built for creativity, Street Fighter 6 will redefine the genre and welcome players from all gaming backgrounds.

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