Street Fighter 6 New Details for PS5 & XSX, Set to Feature Life-Like Graphics

Coming late 2022. . .

With Mortal Kombat taking a strong arm on the fighting series for video gaming over the last five years, Capcom is looking to recapture their throne. Late last year, details emerged about Street Fighter 6’s pending announcement. While the Japanese company is currently developing the title in quarantine, many are expecting some type of announcement to happen by next fall.

Information has emerged this week, that the Street Fighter 6 will be entirely different from any other installment in the series. SF6 will feature a darker tone, featuring life-like fighters. Unlike last-gen when the title was exclusive to PlayStation, the Xbox crowd will no be getting a simultaneous release date.

However, for fighters like ourselves, we’ll still be getting the PS5 version for casual play – due to DualSense motion. With the life-like graphics, it’s usure which engine they’ll be using; as a new environment emphasis will be placed on combos. That will tie into tag team battles as well.

This won’t be like Marvel vs. Capcom, where you tag team and do the same move with any character you want. Each team, will have specific and unique combos that will expand the franchise. This will be huge for Esports and the Capcom Pro Tour, heading forward.

Expect the trailer and release date window reveal later this year.

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