The Biggest Reason Why You Should Get a PS5 Before Xbox Series X & Nobody is Talking About It

This week, Sony made the bold choice of delaying the unveiling of the PlayStation 5 this week, to support and show empathy to the #BlackLivesMatter movement; and those affected by recent and unfortunate incidents. The company is promising to unveil launch games at the event at a later date, but didn’t feel it was right to celebrate anything in the near future to have more important voices heard.

As the world prepares for #BlackoutTuesday, we wanted to share some information that’s being overlooked in people’s decisions whether or not to get the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. While neither company is revealing the exact launch date or price point (both priced at $499, with cheaper Xbox model at $399); we believe that it would be in your best interest to get the PlayStation 5.

Microsoft is planning to KEEP producing games for the Xbox One, as the Xbox Series X Killer App, Halo Infinite will be available on all Microsoft platforms. Although there’s an expected graphical boost on the Series X, owners of the One X with HDR capabilities shouldn’t waste money this fall. We’d rather wait until the library is more stacked with exclusive titles, as well as sophomore edition of popular sports titles getting their feet wet on the system – post COVID19.

Sony IS PLANNING TO COMPLETELY ABANDON THE PlayStation 4. So, if you’re still an owner and are on the fence on making a jump, The Last of Us II and Ghost of Tsushima are the very last exclusive titles you’ll have on the system. Along with outdated graphics (sorry it is compared to the One X), we’re making an immediate jump to PlayStation 5.

Unlike Microsoft, which will still be releasing their exclusives on the previous-gen Xbox One consoles, Sony wants the PS4 to be a thing of the past this fall. We’re just waiting for the Japanese company to unveil their launch lineup, as well as which exclusive title will debut for the roll-out.

If you have the right soundbar and/or surround sound set-up, 3D audio is the biggest feature of any gaming console we’ve ever seen. Initially, this will be exclusive on PS5 at launch as well, which is also the biggest reason we’re getting one before the XSX.

This doesn’t mean you should never get a XSX, but on day-one and if you’re budget is tight, get the PS5, because the PS4 will lose support of new titles.

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