The PS5 Launch Games Are Finally Being Unveiled

Next week. . .

Over the last few months, we’ve been covering exclusive stories, about what we’re hearing for the pending launch of Sony’s PlayStation 5. This is pertaining to the company being reluctant to reveal its official pricing information, where they feel will turn away consumers at $499 – or even $599.

Due to costly parts and new technology emerging, the company isn’t offering a low-end model, like Microsoft is planning with their Lockhart model for the Xbox Series X at $399. Well, next week, Sony is holding an official virtual event for the PS5, which will finally showcase games on the device.

Unfortunately, the system itself won’t be unveiled in the digital event, but we’ll at least know which major AAA title they have in store for consumers later this year.

Considering the Japanese company opted to not participate in e3 in two weeks, expect some eye-raising information to emerge during the event.

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