The Real Reason Why ‘NBA 2K20’ is Awful & 2K Sports Stopped Caring

just awful. . .

Just four days ago, the sports world was getting ready for the release of NBA 2K20; which every year is touted as the most complete basketball game ever made. After various promises on MyCAREER mode from developers online, and faces of the company going on a rapper promo run to bring attention to the game (all in the video); we were left with undoubtedly the worst NBA 2K ever made.

Last summer, it was revealed that 2K Sports and the NBA had entered into an exclusivity agreement for basketball video games. Prior to that, EA Sports had resurrected their NBA Live series, which became our basketball preference video game. Sadly, the team at EA hasn’t offered an update on their next game, including if it’ll even arrive at all.

So, to make this article short and simple: 2K SPORTS DOESN’T CARE ABOUT XBOX ONE OR PLAYSTATION 4 ANYMORE. THEY’VE ALREADY MOVED THEIR FOCUS TO XBOX SCARLET and the PLAYSTATION 5. They essentially gave us the same piece of shit game from last year; but made it worst. Since they’ve already cashed with the game being a hot seller this week and virtual currency making a killing as well; 2K Sports is in no rush to properly patch this game.

The Park looks the exact same, with the exception of some dumb Anthony Davis banners and the Foot Locker store’s name being changed. So, with no competition until further notice, we don’t expect NBA 2K20 to have an improvement through patches until they feel heat from the general public.

This could mean boycotting the title to get your point access and make sure this never happens again. We’ve seen standard glitches most sports game every year; but MyPLAYEER badges and upgrades not registering was the final straw for fans complaining about the title. We’ll be purchasing NBA 2K21 day-one on next-gen consoles in late 2020, if nothing happens for this release.

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