The 3 Biggest Features from Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Series X’ Next-Gen Specs & Power Reveal

Double the power of Xbox One X. . .

This week, official specs for the Xbox Series X were revealed. Microsoft Zaddy, Phil Spencer, confirmed that the console would indeed have 12 teraflops of gpu performance and SSD storage for fastest loading. Support for 120fps was also revealed, as well as variable rate shading, for on-par performance with PC titles. However, we wanted to highlight the three biggest features to look out for, when the console is released in a few months.

Quick Resume is first up, which will allow you to use multiple games at once. If you’re playing a single-player game and don’t want to save right away, you can minimize that title and hop into something more casual for as long as you would like, then return. It wasn’t confirmed how many games you’ll be able to minimize at once, but it was revealed that performance wouldn’t be changed when using the feature.

Backwards Compatibility will also be ready at launch, for every game that’s currently available to do. Yes, this means, original Xbox, 360 and One titles will be playable on day one. Game pass will also allow you to play content on the Series X day-one as well.

The biggest feature of any console we’ve ever seen, is Smart Delivery. This is our favorite. Smart Delivery is basically if a developer releases a title on the Xbox One and decides to re-release as an upgrade on the Series X, you’ll get the title free.

During last generation cycle, this led to many having to repurchase major titles like Madden, NBA 2K, Call of Duty and others at launch. It’s unclear when they’ll officially start this program with a major game, but it looks like Halo Infinite might be the first title to use that feature this year.

Take a look at full specs below.


– 12 Teraflops
– Variable Rate Shading
– DirectX RayTracing (hardware)
– Quick resume for multiple games
– smart delivery
– next-gen SSD
– HDMI 2.1 support
– supports Xbox/360/One games

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