2K Sports Releases Jaw-Dropping First ‘WWE 2K18’ New Engine Screenshots

The ring post got updated too. . .

Last month, 2K Sports held a private premiere for their upcoming next installment in the WWE series. Unlike their popular NBA game, WWE 2K18 is set to feature an entire new graphics and gameplay engine – including 8 person matches and free roaming, making the title nearly open world.

2K Sports went to explain how in the past they’ve had trouble competing with the NBA 2K series. After seeing no alternative of setting themselves apart, the team took it upon themselves to scrap the engine they were sharing and create an entirely different graphics system from the ground up.

This week, we got our first glimpse at what the team was capable of, showcasing screens of the cover athlete, Seth Rollins. From the obvious new lighting system, fans noticed a drastic improvement, which we’re sure the basketball team will be taking note of for next season.

Take a look at below at new screens, as well as a comparison to last year’s installment.

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