WWE 2K18’s New Graphics Engine Teases What to Expect in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 should see a ginormous update next summer

This week, Take-Two Interactive released their latest wrestling simulation title, WWE 2K18. Before the game hit public, 2K Sports revealed over the summer, that the title would feature an entirely new graphics engine. They confirmed that camera, textures, characters and lighting improvements – as well as an improvement for arenas, atmosphere and crowds. The same update is set to happen next year, when NBA 2K19 is released to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems.

However, next month, we’ll get a brief introduction of 4K gaming, when an update is rolled out for NBA 2K18 on the Xbox One X in a few weeks. While game play is set to be tuned up to a steady 60-frames-per-second, un-scaled graphics (for the most part) has us intrigued the most.

Although proper lighting hasn’t been addressed in the NBA series, we’ve noticed some of the best lighting in any sports game ever this week with WWE 2K18. This was one of 2K’s most-hyped features, which character models and faces have also vastly been improved. What we’ve also noticed, is the improvement of last year’s graphic fidelity in live game play.

This means, when the game is in action, facial models, bodies and in-ring detail doesn’t become blurry – something that has plagued the 2K series in recent years. We saw the vast jump to next-gen graphics on NBA 2K14, back when both Microsoft and Sony consoles launched in 2013.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much improvement since. Next summer is the first year we should see a difference in graphics and game play for NBA 2K series. If you haven’t played a wrestling game in a few years, WWE 2K18 is one of the best we’ve encountered in quite some time.

The only issue we have so far, is the lackluster MyCareer mode, which received minimal updates in comparison to last year. Our suggestion would be maybe wait for a Black Friday sale in five weeks, then pick this one up for half price. Take a look at some of the new look presentation below.

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