Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S Release Date, Price Revealed & All Access Monthly-Payment from Microsoft

Here’s the big day. . .

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S release date, price revealed in the first official leak from Microsoft headquarters.

With fall finally here, fans are serious growing impatient with the pending release date announcements for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Through several leaks, the Xbox One X and Xbox Series S pricing and release date has been revealed. Chatter immediately grew on social media and the gaming world, which formed Microsoft’s hand to respond to the rumor with confirming the look of the Series S.

While they didn’t confirm the November 10th release date, the Xbox Series S will cost $299; and the Xbox Series X premium system will cost $499.

Both consoles will share the same family of next-gen games; but the Series X is expected to have lightning-fast loading (under 5 seconds for all games. Along with that, it’s will also have perforamnce of up to 120 frames-per-second down the line for first-party titles.

Look for the Elite Controller 3 reveal as well, when the console of family launch line-up is revealed in a few weeks. The ball is in your court, Sony.

November 10th is the official release date

Details Explained 👇

Xbox One X:

Xbox One X is $499

$35-per-month Xbox All Access financing option for the Series X

Xbox One X = Premium High End 4K HDR

Xbox Series S:

Xbox Series S will cost $299

$25-per-month Xbox All Access financing option for the Series S

Xbox One S = Lower-End Affordable 4K Machine

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