10 Songs We Missed Out on in Strip Clubs During 2020 *Super NSFW*

Smoking hookah in Covid?

10 Favorite Strip Club Songs 2020 is broken down, as we wait for safer trips to visit spots next year after the pandemic is over. Since we’re based in Los Angeles and New York, we haven’t had time to visit a strip club since last February.

However, our friends in Atlanta have been living it up and risking everything going out to see some ass shake and get their drink on. So much, that we’re contemplating on moving to Atlanta after the pandemic is over, because of cheap rent and good people.

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten a chance to properly enjoy some of this year’s biggest songs in a strip club. We’re not willing to risk health like other brave people out, but will be going on a week binge next summer after the human patch.

Below, you can take a look at some of our favorite cuts this year we haven’t heard in a strip club and let us know in the comments some of your favorites. Click next page for the music.

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