The Reason Why 50 Cent is Making Past Beef with The Game a Starz Series

The Reason 50 Cent is Forever in Debt to Tony Yayo

50 Cent, Game Starz beef series is being shown on a major scale. Here’s why Kanan is deciding to bring light to story. For those that don’t know, Jimmy Henchman and 50 Cent’s street issues, were the real reason The Game left G-Unit. With the Compton rapper publicly saying that he had no issues with foes of Fifty at the time, the situation became violent.

While the public didn’t know the multiple situations happening, it resulted in one of 50 Cent and Tony Yayo’s friends being murdered, Lodi Mack. Although Jimmy Henchman has adamantly denied having involvement in the death of the G-Unit member, 50 Cent has always had a disdain for the Brooklyn mogul.

So much, that he laughed when Mr. Henchman was saddened by the state of New York’s decision to reject his appeal was sentenced to life in prison for an alleged murder-for-hire case. This continued recently to earlier this year again, when he lost his final appeal at the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and ordered to serve out the rest of his sentence.

The reason 50 Cent is doing this series, is because he wants to publicly embarrass Jimmy Henchman. Beforehand, only those close to the situation and hardcore followers noticed the street beef between the two. However, with Fifty allowed to do whatever he wants on Starz, it’s likely that never-before-heard stories will be revealed.

In the past, The Game said that he was expecting to die in the beef with 50 Cent, citing he wanting to sadly go out like 2pac and Biggie. It’s unclear if the Los Angeles rapper will have input for the situation, since it will be going against his former manager.

We’re certain he’ll be monitoring the situation closely with his now again associate, 50 Cent. Tony Yayo will likely be involved on the series as well, considering his grandmother’s house was in crossfire. Look for 50 to give an update on the show, as well as the Black Mafia Family series to follow.

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