Action Bronson & Friends Watch ‘Ancient Aliens’ with ScHoolboy Q and Earl Sweatshirt

Dinosaurs: Action Bronson and Friends watch Ancient Aliens

Earlier this month, VICELAND and Action Bronson revealed they would be taking his Ancient Aliens series to TV. Bam Bam decided to combine two of his favorite things in the world, ancient aliens and weed – as well as inviting a few of his friends over to his spot to divulge in both.

For the pilot episode, Action calls up ScHoolboy Q and Earl Sweatshirt to watch a documentary on the origins and eventual extinction of dinosaurs. When Q arrived, Bronson had some pre-game smoke ready before he sat down theorize if they were killed off by extraterrestrial beings.

It’s a little bit too early in the day for us to twists something up, but it would be in your best interest to watch this lifted on something later on – for experience VICE hilariously puts together.

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