Akon Defends Kanye West’s Right to Have Opinion

Akon Defends Kanye West Right to Have Opinion

akon speaks on kanye. . .

Akon defends Kanye West right to have opinion, following more controversial remarks made last week to a particular group again. Whether you’re paying attention to it or not, the United States constitution is essentially being changed before your eyes.

With most people ignoring elections and allowing certain members in important chairs from both sides of the evil political spectrum, Akon has a few words to say this week. Unlike most people who are just reading headlines, Akon went to say that he doesn’t believe in Kanye West’s recent comments about a particular group of people.

However, Akon wants communication and conversations for resolutions to happen with this sensitive manner pertaining to Kanye. Watch more from the clip below, where Akon believes Kanye’s right to having an opinion should not be banned.

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