AMC Theaters Launches IMAX 3D Subscription Service to Compete with MoviePass

Regal Cinemas next please. . .

Last August, MoviePass introduced a new rate of $9.95 a month. This didn’t sit well with AMC, who wasthe only major film chain to speak out. While the theater chain didn’t reveal whether or not MoviePass has helped or hurt their company, they have plans of their own. This week, AMC Theaters has announced new plans for a $20-a-month subscription plan to counter MoviePass.

With the AMC subscription, it will allow consumers to see up to three films a week, including multi-films a day and IMAX 3D showings. Considering MoviePass only allows one showing a day and does not include IMAX 3D, the AMC Pass should win by default if you’re a huge movie goer.

Subscribers will also get additional perks, including discounts on concessions and the ability to purchases tickets online in advance of the showtime (see: Regal Cinemas). Take a look at the hilarious reaction from MoviePass below, which we expect them to rethink a plan and possibly counterstrike AMC. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be getting an AMC subscription.

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