Apple Reportedly Planning Giant High-End iPhone & Lower-Priced Models

Coming fall ‘18!

With the iPhone X selling extremely lower than expectations from Apple, the tech company is looking to further their popular smart phone series. According to Bloomberg, Apple is aiming to release three new models before the end of the year, which will be headlined by the largest iPhone ever.

Apple believes they can successfully roll-out their own phablet (or simply put, a big ass phone-tablet); similar to Samsung, Sony and their own iPhone 8 Plus. Code-named the D33, the screen is set to be around 6.5 inches, which is just slightly larger than the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung.

It’s also set to use OLED and Face ID technolodgy from its previous iPhone X of last year. The second model, D32, is set to be a moderately upgraded version of the X model.

However, a third model, which will be the most affordable of the three, will have an LCD screen – in comparison to OLED of other models. Considering the $1,000 cost for the X, we’re assuming these phones will be well-below that insane asking price later this year.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve already got the X or waiting to upgrade later this year.


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