Apple Shares New iPhone 12 with 5G, HomePod Mini in October Event

We usually see Apple do their events for the iPhone earlier in the year, but COVID certainly delayed that. Today, the company held their hour-long “Hi-Speed” event that unveiled the new lineup of iPhone 12’s.

The lineup includes iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple also introduced 5G to their lineup, but has decided to remove the wall charger and wired EarPods from the box. The phone will come with a USB-C to Lightning cable, though.

iPhone 12
– New design with flat edges
– 6.1 inch screen, with 2 rear cameras fully supporting night mode
– Full support for 5G
– Ceramic shield glass cover, which makes it more durable

Price: $799
Release Date: October 23

iPhone 12 Pro & Pro MAX
– 6.1 inch screen (Pro), 6.7 inch screen (Pro MAX)
– 3 back cameras offering 5x optical zoom, LIDAR sensor and stainless steel outerband
– Faster autofocus
– Camera improved for augmented reality apps

Price: $999 (iPhone 12 Pro), $1,099 (iPhone 12 Pro MAX)
Release Date: October 23 (iPhone 12 Pro), November 13 (iPhone 12 Pro MAX)

iPhone 12 mini
– 5.4 inch screen
– Similar specs to iPhone 12, besides the size

Price: $699
Release Date: November 13

HomePod Mini
– Smaller than original model
– Touch controls on the top
– Intergration with Siri
– Two colors available: Space Gray and White
– Powered by S5 Chip

Price: $99
Release Date: November 16

MagSafe Charging
– New charging pads for iPhone 12
– MagSafe Charger for one device at a time
– MagSafe Charger Duo for two devices at a time, including flip out spot for Apple Watch
– iPhone 12 cases include a magnet for chargers

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