AR-Ab Trial Delayed by FEDs in Leaked Court Documents, Entire Snitches & Witness List Revealed

Dirty case brewing?

Nearly a year ago, AR-Ab and members of his OBH crew were arrested for alleged drug trafficking, with multiple counts related to distribution. The North Philadelphia raid revealed that large quantities of cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, and heroin were among the drugs distributed.

However, what’s been brought to our attention, is that AR-Ab’s social media post on the gram and released music is what led to the FEDs greenlighting their sting. The AR-Ab trial was originally set to begin today, November 4th; but was mysteriously postponed until further notice.

A list of a law enforcement witness included FBI task force, special agents, and local Philly police department members. This continued on to business record and civil witnesses, revealing key records at Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines – all tying to their post on the gram.

Sadly, the Judge on the OBH case, is looking to use every piece of evidence against them in federal court. This will include lyrics from his singles and music videos. The music recorded, also linked AB’s camp to certain events, including rapping lyrics after being raided the next day.

Luckily for them, there’s no murder charges at all on the entire case; which has us wondering why this trial was abruptly delayed. Initially, the Philly FEDs were offering him life in prison, if the case didn’t go to trial, as they’ll now create their own bullshit narrative that hopefully doesn’t work in court we’ll wait and see what happens next.

Take a look at the lengthy breakdown below.

The following individuals, all of Philadelphia, have been charged:

Abdul West, a/k/a “Assault Rifle Ab,” “AR-Ab,” “El Patron,” “the Goon,”
Jamaal Blanding, a/k/a “Bionickhaz,” “Khaz,” “Deangelo Smith,”
Jameel Hickson, a/k/a “Meliano,” “OG,”
Richard Chase Hoover, a/k/a “Boog,”
Dontez Stewart, a/k/a “Taz,”
Amir Boyer, a/k/a “Mulla,”
Daryl Baker, a/k/a “Shotti,”
Hans Gadson, a/k/a “NoBrakes Bras,” and
Dennis Harmon


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