‘Breaking Bad Greenbriar’ Spinoff Film Starring Aaron Paul is Coming to Netflix & AMC

Coming 2020. . .

With Better Call Saul incorporating characters from The Breaking Bad Universe into its show over the last two years, some major news has emerged. This week, show creator, Vince Gilligan, confirmed that an official spin-off film starring Aaron Paul is coming to Netflix and AMC.

In 2018, AMC celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the series, with the cast reuniting at Entertainment Weekly. The film is currently going by the project code name of Greenbriar; and is set to be an immediate sequel to events following the original series finale of 2013.

Last holiday, Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston, confirmed a movie was in the works, but cited that he hadn’t seen a script. Filming and production for the project is set to begin late November in Albuquerque; and will likely have a holiday 2020 release next year.

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