Cardi B & Steve Carrell Star in Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

We’re a week away from Super Bowl LIII and you know the Internet will be first with the commercials before they are for the big game.

Pepsi is kicking off their “More Than OK” campaign with a new ad spot starring Cardi B, Lil Jon and Steve Carrell. In the clip, we see Steve arguing with a waiter about how he needs to emphasize that the soda is more than okay.

Of course, Lil Jon comes in with his signature “OKAAAAAY!” and Cardi adds her “Okurrrr” signature catchphrase, plus bedazzled can to the mix.

Her song “I Like It” also serves as the soundtrack to the commercial. Will this be one of the best ads to air on Super Bowl Sunday? We’ll have to wait and see.

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