Watch the Chucky TV Series Premiere Episode 1 *NSFW*

Chucky TV Series Episode 1 Watch

i’m your friend ‘til the end 🔪😈

Chucky TV series episode 1 watch is available now free for those who want to enjoy the long-awaited return of Charles Lee Ray. With the Child’s Play film series releasing its most recent in 2019 with the producers of IT, the franchise is making a transition to the small screen.

This week, Universal officially premiered their new spin-off Chucky TV series. After buying a Good Guy Doll at a neighbors yard sale, 14-year-old Jake Wheeler quickly learns this isn’t just another ordinary doll, but one he needs to be very careful with, or else.

Chucky airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET on USA Network and SyFy.

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