Common & John Legend’s Oscar-Winning Speech


We all knew “Glory” was special before Common and John Legend took the stage and performed it at the 89th Annual Academy Awards, but it seemed like The Oscars brought even more power to the song. Backed by a choir, Common and John Legend brought the audience to tears with their live rendition of the Selma soundtrack single, most notably David Oyelowo’s and Chris Pine.

After their performance, the category for Original Song was introduced and awarded, with the Oscar deservingly going to the G.O.O.D. Music duo. The two gave one of the best speeches of the night, to cap off their very moving song. Com’ compared the bridge that Martin Luther King and the people of the Civil Rights movement marched on, to how it unifies people globally and stands for hope and change. He said the spirit of the bridge transcends race, sexual orientation, gender and religion. Legend took his time to address the struggle folks are going through now, saying we live in the most incarcerated country in the world, even giving stats of how many black men are correctional control right now, compared to slaves in 1850. Those words resonated deep through the heart of everyone in the room and those watching.

Congrats go out to John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn for their amazing accomplishment and words of wisdom to a whole generation of folks who might not be aware of their message.

You can watch the full speech HERE.

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