Denzel Washington Talks Lakers, Movies in Hilarious ‘Inside the NBA’ Interview

It’s always comedy when we watch Inside the NBA on TNT with Charles Barkley, SHAQ, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson. Last night after their NBA playoffs double header, they had special guest Denzel Washington as guest.

The interview was pretty serious to begin, but by the end, shit got absolutely hilarious.

Denzel talked about his stunts in movies, making bad movies, his favorite person to play in a film, having Los Angeles Lakers season tickets in 1986 (after seeing Kurt Rambis got clotheslined by Kevin McHale) and how he values sports in his life. He talked about great basketball players he grew up with and coached back in the day.

Without question, the funniest part of the interview was when SHAQ asked him to do the infamous “King Kong” scene from Training Day when he was in the jungles screaming at all the residents.

We’ll leave you with this nugget of wisdom from Mr. Washington:

“Do what you gotta do so you can do what you want to do”

My man.

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