Disney Planning Avengers & X-Men Merger for $40 Billion 21st Century Fox Purchase

Fuck this pg-13 shit

Before we say anything; as cool as merging the Avengers and X-Men collectives together, we’re not in favor of this move. More so, because Disney will likely water-down and kill R-Rated comic films that the XMU has provided over recent years (see: Deadpool, Logan, The New Mutants).

Now, reports surfaced earlier this week, revealing that Disney was interested in purchasing various entertaining divisions and properties of 21st Century Fox (not including direct FOX networks).

This will likely booster their streaming module the Walt Disney Company has in store, for an ESPN-paid app and Disney exclusive service featuring live-action shows and new films.

Fox still controls the X-Men Universe rights, as well as Fantastic Four, which will be observed.

Considering how awful the series has been over the last decade, this move could likely resurrect the Fantastic 4 franchise. We’re still not interested in any PG-13 styled X-Men films from Disney; as some filmmakers and directors have publicly question this possible move.

Exact numbers haven’t revealed publicly, but the potential deal could cost Disney $40 billion.

Take a look at the breakdown below.

What Disney is Buying From Fox:

• 20th Century Fox Film Studio
• Rights to X-Men
• Rights to Fantastic Four
• Rights to Avatar
• Fox’s TV Studios & Productions (Family Guy, Simpsons, 24, Etc.)
• FX, National Geographical Networks, and more sub-Networks

What Fox is not selling:

• Fox, the Major Network
• Fox News
• Fox Business
• Local Fox Broadcasting Affiliates

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