The DJ RAW Story: The Bronx D-Boy That Made Millions off Cocaine in Miami [Documentary]


DJ RAW Bronx Miami Cocaine documentary video is finally released. During the ‘90s, Raul Medina Jr., better known as DJ RAW, became one of the biggest staples in Miami hip-hop. The native of the South Bronx gained notoriety launching Hoodstock Festival, which took place Wynwood of the Florida.

During his time down bottom, DJ Raw became the head of a multi-million cocaine empire, as the FEDs named him the kingpin. However, he only received 10 years in prison, without point fingers in a rare situation that led to a plea deal. While his family and friends linked to the situation were given no time in prison, Mr Medina Jr. spent a decade on the inside.

Take a look at the documentary below.

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