Footage of the Las Vegas Bellagio Casino Heist Emerges

The bandit guys?

Tuesday afternoon, an armed robber held up a poker cage in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. The suspect, who local LVPD authorities cited as a white male in a mask, reportedly walked over the cage with a handgun and demanded an unspecified amount of money. During the incident, the teller remained calm and gave him cash, as the robber fled the scene with money. Las Vegas officers arrived soon after, but the gunman was already gone and it doesn’t look like he’ll be caught either.

Coincidentally, actor James Wood witnessed the robbery first-hand and gave an account of the incident. Since 2001, the casino has been a symbol for Las Vegas heists, following Ocean’s Eleven.

While the robber didn’t get away with millions, he scored a hefty amount to at least draw an extended investigation into the matter. A silver Chevy Cruze was tied to the crime, which was also found nearby. However, that owner was allegedly tied and kidnapped in his own trunk.

Take a look at footage from the event below.

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